Thursday, 1 October 2015

Busan, day one


This weekend, me Elin and Linda went to Busan for Chuseok holiday, which is like Koreas Thanksgiving. We went there by bus early on Sunday morning. The trip took us about 7 hours so we were super tired when we arrived in this beautiful coastal city in the Southwest. We went to our hotel and it was very fancy, much more fancy than we'd expected. It was close to the beach and was probably around the same size ar our apartment here in Seoul, haha! After a little while we left the hotel room to go and explore. We walked for hours around the stunning costal area where our hotel was and ended up at a riverside park where we had dinner and stayed until we were dead tired. All around us were families having dinner and enjoying their evenin. We had a magnificent view of a long bridge too.

Since I took around 500 pictures from this trip I've decided to post them day by day. Here's day one!

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