Saturday, 26 September 2015

Slow Saturdays means Lightroom experiments

Today we are all really tired and have decided to just relaxe and do nothing. We're going to Busan tomorrow morning so this is a perfect day to wear pyjamas all day. I'm doing a bit of studying today but to be honest... this is what I've been doing all morning - playing around in Adobe Lightroom 5 with a portrait of Elin. I also edited some photos from yesterday a bit differently.

Here's the original photo taken yesterday. Underexposed and not too exciting (even though Elin is the cutest)

Here are the different versions of the photo where I've been playing with just about everything there is to play with in lightroom.

I tried some different things with another photo as well, this time of the lovely Linda. The focus is a bit off but I really like this shot anyway.

Here'se the original

Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome Linda, new lens and Myeongdong!

This week our last roomate Linda finally arrived in Seoul! She is all moved in now and we have been to IKEA and decorated our little apartment. I'll take some pictures another day because today I'm going to post pictures from when we were in Myeongdong, a neighbourhood in Central Seoul where there's a bunch of shopping. First we went to Yongsan though, a place where they have a huge train station and also lots of electronics. I bought a new camera lens (Nikkor 35mm DX f1/1.8G). I tried the lens out while we were walking around. We also had food at a Tibetan restaurant while there which was delicious!

Me and Elin found this gem on the street and decided to welcome Linda with him!


First test picture with my new lens!



Tibetan food time

The food was ace


I guess every city has that one guy who walks around and talks about god

My new lens!

Thursday, 17 September 2015


On Monday both med and Elin celebrated our birthday! Us having our birthday on the same day is actually one of the reasons why we started talking in the first place. The celebrations of our day were cozy, we ate cake and greeted eachother a hundred times.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Saturday free market and pretty roomies

Yesterday me and Elin went around looking for Bring Me The Horizons new album "That's the Spirit", but without luck. Seems like that will be a quest for when we go to Japan in November instead. The day wasn't a complete failure though, since I found the cutest little plush unicorn at the Freemarket that I had to bring home with me. His name is Staffan Gregorius. I also brought/got as a birthday present from Elin, a skirt I've been eyeing for a while. I don't have any pictures of it though. Maybe tomorrow, since I'm wearing it for my birthday! whey!

Today we had breakfast at our favourite spot, The Bread Blue. EVERYTHING IS SO DELICIOUS! I've spent the rest of the day studying about Gender theories and the history of Gender studies... though I'm not a fan of the author to the book we're reading. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that bothers me, but it does. Oh well, only 75 more pages to go.

I've got the prettiest roomie

Elin is forced to be my model whenever I have the urge to take portraits

We found this dirty skinny cat walking the streets of  Hongdae

Murials 4-lyfe


Elin and me being a bit to overexcited during post-processing


Freshly painted. All I can think when I walk across these is that I should get a speed boost

Elin in Hongdae


Hongdae, our hood

Oh you know, I'm just out walking my sheep

MEET STAFFAN GREGORIUS!!! The Gender activist unicorn superhero