Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome Linda, new lens and Myeongdong!

This week our last roomate Linda finally arrived in Seoul! She is all moved in now and we have been to IKEA and decorated our little apartment. I'll take some pictures another day because today I'm going to post pictures from when we were in Myeongdong, a neighbourhood in Central Seoul where there's a bunch of shopping. First we went to Yongsan though, a place where they have a huge train station and also lots of electronics. I bought a new camera lens (Nikkor 35mm DX f1/1.8G). I tried the lens out while we were walking around. We also had food at a Tibetan restaurant while there which was delicious!

Me and Elin found this gem on the street and decided to welcome Linda with him!


First test picture with my new lens!



Tibetan food time

The food was ace


I guess every city has that one guy who walks around and talks about god

My new lens!

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