Friday, 11 September 2015

A student's life

Today is the end of week two of the term here at Yonsei. I'm learning more Korean for each day and keep busy with my other subjects. In total I'm taking 5 courses: Business and Society, Korean, Introduction to Korean Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Fiction Workshop. I'm also taking a online course from a Swedish university that's an introductionary course to Gender Studies. It's a bunch to read but so far so good. I'm not used to take 5 courses at the same time, since that's not how it is in Sweden. I'm not looking forward to sitting examt in all subjets in the midterms though... But since I love to study I'm sure that I'll survive that too.

Other than being in school not much exciting things have happened. Yesterday and today we both felt a bit under the weather and binged on ginger, lemon and honey tea. So good! We also booked a trip to Busan during the Chuseok holiday (27th-29th of September). It will be fun to see another city here in Korea! Our friend Linda will be there too, since she arrives on the 20th! OH and by the way! We've decided to move into a bigger apartment in the same house that date, since living three in this small space would be hard. Our host Jay is super nice and we're getting all new furnitures.

Due to the lack of anything spectacular happening, I only have two pictures to post. You can find more on my instagram if you aren't satisfied :) Instagram

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