Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Fall semester has begun!

Classes have started! Today I went to my first classes at Yonsei University. The first was a basic Korean course that I think will be helpful to understand this language! Thought it's veeeery basic. The teacher seems nice. All the students in the class were exchange students and I tagged along with a Finnish, Dutch and American student for lunch afterwards. It might also have been the cheapest lunch I've ever had... like 12 SEK for ramen. After lunch I went to the next class "Introduction to Korean studies", but no professor showed up. I decided to go home but when I got off campus I got a message saying that the teacher had arrived. He had accidently mixed up the times so that why he was late. That class will be super interested but with a lot of heavy reading. We are going to read a lot of works by Korean authors and other historical texts about how, when and why Korean has become Korea. Very interesting!

This is a part of Yonsei's beautiful campus

They also had huge speakers that played music!

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