Monday, 17 August 2015

But what about my mobile data?!

As all of you know, mobile data and wifi might be one of lifes necessities in 2015. I have been searching for a cheap and good option to be able to instagram and snapchat as much as I like while overseas. I stumbled upon EG sim card by accident and it turns out that they have a pretty good deal. They also have affordable prices if I want to call my mum (who has no idea what a smartphone is and still pays all her bills by post).

I've now ordered a sim from EG that I will pick up when I arrive at Incheon Airport (ICN). The funny thing is that I will pay less than I do at home for my phone and recieve the same amount of data. When I go back home to Sweden I am definitely looking into my options to change provider for my swedish phone!

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