Saturday, 29 August 2015

Freemarket in Hongdae and all Korean bell-coffee

This Saturday has been pretty chilled out. Me and Elin had lunch at Sloppies, an organic restaurant here in Hongdae. Then we walked to the Freemarket, which is a weekly event here where locals sell things they've made themselves. I bought a few post cards that I absolutely fell in love with.

After walking around for a while in the boiling sun, we decided to have some fika. We found a cute café but were terrified when we sat down and were handed the menu. The menu was all in Korean, given to us in an old videotape box and to order you had to RING A BELL! First off, we had NO clue what we were going to order but the most terrifying thing was that we HAD TO RING THE BELL! Now, if you are a Swede (not the vegetable) or know anyone that's Swedish, you know how uncomfortable we get when we have to do something we have no idea how to, and on top of it all make a lot of noise that will alert everyone in the surroundings. It took me and Elin a long time to gather the courage to ring the bell, but we did. And then we managed to order and also get a free cake!!!! It kind of feels like we've won every competition in the world now.

Phonepictures of the adventures

Hongdae Freemarket (look at the cute pug with it's owner with a matching outfit!!!)


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