Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sunny SInchon and organic supermarkets in Yeonhui-dong

Today me and Elin went to Yonsei and I purchased one of my course books "What money can't buy" after we'd been lost in the Yonsei bookstore for ages. We walked up to Yeonhui-dong after that and went into a huge supermarket with tons of organic food. We stocked up on fruits mostly (tomatoes mmm) and then walked home. Since it weren't that late we went down into Hongdae and had some coffee at Oppa coffe which we'd walked past a couple of times and found interested. I also bead Elin in wordfeud while we enjoyed our iced beverages. I'm on a hunt for a blue hat but Hongdae didn't deliver today. Hopefully I'll find one soon!

I only took a few pictures today, but here they are

Lunch at Loving hut again



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